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From 2010 to 2016 Professional volunteer status (new) Statistics information provide

Early Screening Status
186,473 persons
Dementia registration management rate (as of 2017)
46.48 %

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Joyful search for ‘ㄱ’ 'ㄱ' is a symbolic motif that naturally reminds us of the main symptom related to dementia: memory. 'ㄱ' is a korean alphabet that is similar in pronunciation with the korean word for 'memory'. - 'ㄱ' is the first letter of the Hangeul writing system, and therefore also refers to the policy of the dementia center to manage the disease all the way from the earliest stages...more

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greetings imageWelcome! I am Dong-Young Lee, director of the Seoul Metropolitan Center for Dementia (SMCD) and professor of neuropsychiatry at the Seoul National University Hospital. Today, Korea is shifting from an "aging" society towards an "aged" society (elderly people make up 14% of the total population). Together with this sudden ageing trend, the number of patients suffering from dementia, a typical geriatric disease, is expected to sharply increase. There are approximately 400,000 dementia patients nationwide - 80,000 of them in Seoul - and this figure is expected to double a decade from now... more